Commercial Real Estate, A Career – How Do You Get Into It?

The current economic conditions have unemployment rates higher than they have been in more than a quarter of a century. Many people are in danger of losing everything, including their homes, because they are broke, unemployed and unable to find work. Ironically what has happened in the housing sector has created incredible opportunities. The increasing interest both at home in the United States as well as internationally in acquiring homes, land and buildings in America are about to generate a tidal wave of potential buyers. This creates millions of dollars in commissions available to be made by anyone willing to broker the deals. All you need to claim your share of that fortune is your real estate license.

When the market began to take its turn for the worse in 2006, many of the people who had already used the housing market to build themselves a solid financial profile simply retired with the money they had already made. There are also those agents that made a fantastic part time income off of the overflow of business that was available in a prospering real estate market. Between 2006 and 2008, when the real estate market was at it worst, many of these people simply let their licenses expire. This combination has led to a lack of licensees that has created an overwhelming demand for qualified professionals.

The current administration’s decision to provide a tax incentive of up to $8000.00 for first time home buyers created a new demand for licensed real estate professionals. Its subsequent decision to extend the deadline for this incentive from December 2009 to April 30, 2010, along with the decision to increase the maximum income level to qualify for the program, continues to create an even greater need for licensed agents to handle the new wave of potential first time home buyers. Getting your real estate license now will ensure that you will be ready to go when the market takes off. Especially given that this is but one benefit of the tax incentive expansion. More changes to the legislation are offering even more opportunity.

The current expansion of that same tax incentive program now includes existing homeowners that have lived in their primary residence for more than five years. This creates a need for still more licensed professionals to handle the dual needs of those homeowners who as a buyer are ready to cash in on the incentive by purchasing a new primary residence, and as a seller that is in need of a professional to put their current residence on the market. These people will create a fresh supply of properties in the inventory for buyers and a new source of commissions as the homes are listed and sold by licensed agents and brokers.

The only upside to the drop in the real estate market is that it has led us to the edge of what is to be the biggest real estate boom in recent history. The prospect that is on the horizon has the potential to make millionaires out of anyone that is ready to jump in when the market takes off. Securing your real estate license now is a chance to for you to build something that can offer more than a job that will pay the bills. One real estate transaction a month can equal what many people bring home in an entire month. Getting your real estate license now positions you for the opportunity to grow real wealth. The real estate market has been the top generator of millionaires and billionaires for more than one hundred years. Starting your career before the market takes off will make sure that you are one of the millionaires that are going to be made.

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